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Recommended dosage for Melanotan 2 
MT2 Nasal spray

If it is the first time you have experimented with this product
Start with a very low dose. This is done by taking just one spray on day one and one spray on day 2. Moving forward you can can take two sprays (one in each nostril) . You can increase it by one spray per day every t day, but do not exceed a total of 4 sprays per day. Once your tan starts to develop, reduce the dosage to one spray per nostril per day as maintenance or use slightly more for a darker colour or slightly less for a lighter colour. Please note that during the loading phase, your tan will only develop when the 5ml bottle is almost finished as the product builds up in your system. Subsequent bottles should last around 2 weeks or longer. If it is your first time using the product, use at least 5ml during the loading phase and another 5ml for maintenance.

As a reference: 5ml nasal spray bottle (30 sprays) contains exactly 10mg of Melanotan 2. So one spray per nostril (2 sprays) is equal to about 0.66mg of Melanotan 2. However, absorption using a nasal spray is around 45% in comparison to injecting MT2, so for one spray per nostril you are actually getting 0.297mg of Melanotan 2. Always keep your MT2 nasal spray in a cool dark place if possible ideal in the fridge.

All references above on how to use MT2 Melanotan (Nasal tanner sprays) is for informational purpose only. We do not endorse nor advise the product be used in this manner. For more information call our Spainsh quality control office for support. PLEASE READ FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE PURCHASING FROM OUR SITE.

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