MT-2 Peptide with dispenser

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MT-2 Peptide with test dispenser

Please make sure to read all of our T&C’s before purchasing. Strictly not for tanning or for use as nasal tanners. Melenotan 2 AKA MT-2 has lots of information on the internet regarding it’s research.

We have seen stories circulating on the internet and from other sellers that people have been using mt-2 as nasal tanners and the results have been rather impressive. We do not encourage this, images have shown amazing results leaving users with a golden tan. However we do not endorse this as per our T&C’s. Our MT-2 is not sold as nasal tanners or tanning injections. It is sold for research purposes only.

Although turn around can be quicker Please allow 2-5 working days as this is shipping is managed by our Córdoba address in Spain.



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